1.Capacity : 500kg/batch
2.Mixing time : 60-180 s
3.Power : 11 kw
4.Mixing evenness : CV≤5%
5. Material : Stainless steel
6.Apply range : poultry and livestock feed machine used in feed mill and poultry farm

1.Short mixing time, high mixing uniformity: general materials in the mixture of 45 to 60 s per batch, cv ≤ 5% , can reduce mixing time, greatly improving the production efficiency; Mix does not produce segregation can continue to mix, material do graded phenomenon, and not because the specific gravity, particle size have bigger difference of physical properties lead to segregation, resulting in high precision mixture;
2.Discharge quickly, small residual amount, adopt double open the door at the bottom of the structure, so the discharge rapidly, less residue; Large amount of liquid add; Have mixed soft, does not damage the material original features, so add hot or cold air system, as a dry, cool;
3.With double row of chain sprocket chain drives the rotor of the two opposite rotation, transmission mechanism is unique, smooth operation, low abrasion; Adopt unique chain tensioning mechanism, installation, adjustment fast and convenient;
4.Slot machine adopts the unique “W” shape structure, small opening, big middle, lower part of the narrow, make chic modelling beautiful, cover an small area, less residue;
5.Discharging door sealing mechanism uses the mature technology, improve the sealing reliability. The standard Siemens (BEI to motor) motor, the reducer of GUOMAO.
1. Fast mixing speed and high mixing uniformity;
2. Special design discharging structure, large door-open angle, swift discharging and little residue;
3. Special design sealing system of discharging door, good sealing and no leakage;
4. Multi-channel liquid adding system to meet multi-liquid adding demand of customer.
 Model Volume


Mixing time






9HWS-500 1.0 60-180 11 CV≤5%