1.Capacity : 2-10 t/h
2. Main shaft speed : 2950 (r/min)
3. Power : 75 kw
4. Motor and bearing : Siemens brand motor and SKF bearing
5. Apply range : Fish chicken cattle sheep pig geese pet feed machine

1. Crushing chamber adopts advanced water body design, with a secondary crushing tooth plate, shaft end with the wind device, change the movement direction of the material, break effective circulation layer, to crush materials thoroughly, and accelerate the sieving of small particles, reduce temperature of the crushing chamber, thereby improving the output of this series of crusher;
2. Motor integral milling, rotor dynamic balance processing, make the mill less vibration, lower noise, run more smoothly, more efficient;
3. The open door operation and safety interlock device, to ensure open the door  safe and convenient; Linkage type pressure screen, make the screen surface replacement more convenient and reliable ;
4. Application of new material such as tungsten carbide,   extend the hammer crushing  service life of wearing parts;
5. The standard Siemens (BEI) motor and the import bearings (SKF/NSK international first-line brand) Production: raw materials with corn, moisture 14% or less
1. Advanced design of tear circle grinding chamber, reasonable second time grinding structure to effectively eliminate circumfluence phenomenon in the process of grinding;
2. Super-wide grinding working face, fully optimized arrangement of hammers, to ensure the grinding performance;
3.  Having the features of clockwise and counterclockwise bidirectional feeding by adjusting the direction of the guide plate, both sides of the hammers can be fully used, prolong the using life of the machine;
4.  Equipped with high-precision dynamic balance detecting rotor, to ensure the machine lower vibration and noise;
5. Removable operating door and linkage type fixed structure of  screen mesh, easy to operate;
6. Equipped with safety interlocking device to protect personal safety.
Model Main shaft speed






Outline dimensions


SFSP66-60 2950 75 2~10 2110×910×1160